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Today we are super duper excited to unveil a project we’ve been working on for a very long time.  This project involves several collaborations and lots of hard work trying to develop products that are helpful to use in our paper planners.   The nice thing about these new “Plan On It” products– (especially the ink!) – is that you can also use these stamps, inks, and dies in ALL of your paper crafts!

Plan on It” features 4 ink cube sets, 3 stamp sets and 2 wafer thin dies. Our new ink cubes feature a brand new hybrid formula of ink:

“What exactly is hybrid ink?” You might ask.  Hybrid inks are permanent on paper surfaces, acid-free, archival and fade resistant. They are pigment based, but dry quickly like dye ink and are less likely to bleed through thin papers often found in planners.  Many of our stamping friends have fallen in love with this smooth formula for their card making too!

Developed in conjunction with our “Plan on It” series of products made especially for people who like to stamp in their paper planners, these ink cubes are compact for travel and come in a gorgeous assortment of Simon Says Stamp exclusive colors.  These inks also work beautifully for card makers and other paper crafters.

The inks are perfect for crafters who are on the go!  Ink cubes are a great way to carry a wide assortment of colors wherever you go.  AND THE HUGE BONUS for ink portability!?  The inks also fit in the Tim Holtz Ink storage case!
Our friends at Waffle Flower have consistently been creating the most delightful stamps.  Up until now, one of our all time favorite planning stamp sets is Waffle Flower’s Stay Focused Stamps.  We are so happy that Nina at Waffle Flower designed a stamp set exclusively for you to enjoy in our PLAN ON IT RELEASE!  It’s called “Planning Ahead” and is an incredibly useful tool in helping you get organized and keep track of your busy schedule.

Anyone who is keeping a paper planner probably has seen a few of Studio L2E’s stamps.  Kanani from Studio L2E is a great source for awesome planner stamps.  We are delighted to bring the Studio L2E Simon Says Stamp exclusive “Plan on It” she designed especially for this release.  A note from Kanani:  “The entire set was designed with the Erin Condren Life Planner in mind. HOWEVER, they will also fit a variety of other planners as well.  The checklist in the set is designed to fit perfectly in the Erin Condren Life Planner.  The words/phrases are basic ones that would make for great checklists but also are great for covering the words on the ECLP weekly spreads.”

The third stamp set in our release is called “Life Planning” and we hope it helps you do exactly that!  You can purchase all 3 of these stamp sets, Making Plans, at a discount price for a limited time.

We’ve been wanting to add the useful dies “Cheers” and “Today” to our product line up for quite some time and I thought there sure is no time like the present, right!?

Do you use a paper planner?  We would love your feedback!  Would you like to see more ink cubes from Simon Says Stamp?  Comment below to share with us and we will select 4 random people to win a Simon Says Stamp prize pack.
  1. I always used a paper planner while working, but since I’m now retired, I use the calendar app on my laptop. I still have a planner book for birthdays and other special dates. It’s great that your new inks will fit in the Tim Holtz container. Great thinking!

  2. So loving these. I use a printed planner and these would be perfect for adding little touched here and there. I think the little cubes are fabulous, perfect for pocket stamping and they would be great for travel.

  3. I use 2 EC planners: a life planner and a teacher lesson planner. I am so excited about this release. Thank you!

  4. i want to start paper planning to keep track of my mail art trades and card making. This set is perfect!

  5. Love ink cubes the more the merrier! Just bought a planner, these stamps would make a great additions!

  6. i have been using a paper planner for years – i told my kids – when i go, it’s all in the planner! love the pretty inks and stamps.

  7. The ink cubes are a thumbs up for me. It’s a great way to try colors you may not normally want to spend more money on.

  8. Yes I have a planner and love these stamps! The cubes are perfect, you could put in your bag and use! I would love to see more colors! I think the cubes are just easier for storage too!

  9. I don’t use a paper planner, but I would LOVE if you came out with ink cubes for all of your lovely colors! That would be great for me since I am out of space for large pads but small pads can always find a home! :)

  10. I love the new mini ink pads. I only wish that each set was different, that there weren’t colors that repeated.

  11. i do love this new concept, especially the ink cubes. i am retired now, or i should say again, so i have no need for paper planners any longer. but i used stamps in my planners way back in the day and it is such fun! i would like to see the SSS line of inks in cubes, then i could justify (for myself) investing in more ink pads.

  12. I don’t use a planner currently, but I can’t wait for the get to work book from elise cripe to come out.

  13. I use planners and I love the new stamps and ink cubes. Makes it so much convenient to bring my stuff out without lugging a big bag. :)

  14. Yes, bring on more mini ink pads, stamp sets and dies for planners. I have always been a very orgainized person and I have two planners that I use all of the time.

  15. I would love more mini inks. I usually buy the full size and the mini but prefer the mini when I’m using smaller stamps.

  16. Can’t live without a paper planner! The ink cubes are perfect, please keep them coming! What a great new release!

  17. I don’t use a paper planner anymore. There is no planning of every minute required after you retire. Life is good. I must say I’m very excited to see those mini inks. I hope you make more and more of them. After retiring hubby and I bought an RV and now that I live in 500 sq. ft. my craft supplies have limited space. That’s why I love wafer dies and mini inks.

  18. I do lots of paper planning and am excited that you are offering this new line of stamps and inks. Would be over the moon to win.

  19. I am a papercrafter and have started using paper planners again after several years of going digital. I am glad that the scrapbooking community have joined the planner craze!

  20. I just got my Erin Condren planner and can’t wait to buy and use the “plan on it” set! Perfect! Would like to see more colors in your mini stamp pads too!

  21. I am excited to see these releases. I love the smaller inks for taking with me, and I am getting more and more into using a paper planner for everything I am doing. These are definately on my wish list now.

  22. Yes, I use a planner (Franklin) but this sounds even better. I need to be organized so I can get enough time set aside for work in my studio! YAY!

  23. I LOVE this release, however its already out of stock! I can’t wait to get it soon. I use the Erin Condren and its changed my life. I love it. I also LOVE mini inks, so I am excited to get the sets, I like them better than the full ink pads. I would have love to seen the colors not repeated though, but hey I can give one away with a cute stamp set!

  24. I am starting to use a planner now. At this moment I am using a weekly calendar planner. Love the mini ink cubes!!

  25. Love the mini ink cubes! and it would fit in the Tim holtz storage! Yippeee. I would love to use a planner, as of now, just work with notebooks!

  26. So, so excited, as I have an EC planner and will NEED these stamps!! Haha! I always LOVE your designs! Those stamp cubes will really come in handy!! I only have 2 SSS ink pads and would LOVE to try other colors!! Thanks for coming out with this release!! Cannot wait to try everything!!

  27. OMG! I’ve died and gone to planner heaven :D I love all the new stamp sets and I’m from Sweden, but I can use most of them anyway! And thank you thank you thank you for getting your stamp pads in mini cubes!!! I live in a small apartment with husband and child and my craft supplies are taking over :) Now I can get the goods in a small storage and to a great price too! I hope you’ll do this for all your dye colors too!!!!

  28. Paper planners and lists are a must in my home to help stay organized! Love your new ink cubes! Just the right size for taking to crops or traveling!

  29. I use an old Franklin Planner!! Love it!! Theses are perfect new stamps and dies for making a new planner!! Love the mini inks!!

  30. I would love to have all the colors in ink cubes. I think its more cost efficient specially for beginner stampers like me.

  31. I am not a planner user but the ink cubes look like candy to me. So pretty in all those colors. I love the affordability of owning a lot of colors.

  32. I just bought my First planner. Usually, I’ll leave notes on scrap paper, but of course, lose them or leave them someplace. I love the ink cubes and hope for more…

  33. This is an amazing set of products! I absolutely love everything! I’ve used a a paper planner since I was a 8 and now 32 years later in still using a paper planner. Electronic devices are great but damage the device or have a software glitch and all of your stuff is gone. So a paper planner is a necessity and all of these are a necessity for anyone who owns a planner. Awesome products! Can’t wait to try the new ink especially!

  34. I love these stamps and inks but as usual for me they were out of stock when I went to get them but they are on my project list for future purchase,
    Hazel xxx

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