Monthly Mail Art – August 2017

Hello again! Kristina here! :) I’m back today with another Monthly Mail Art envelope and video!

Since I knew I would be doing some coloring with colored pencils, I chose to use a thick white envelope from Simon. This particular envelope has a nice, thick paper with a soft texture. I thought it would be perfect for colored pencils.

I used the new Hooray stamp set from Waffle Flower to create a whimsical scene on the bottom edge of the envelope. I stamped the images in Versafine Onyx Black ink. Before I starting coloring the images, I softly ink blended some Lake Shores hybrid ink (fount in this set of cube inks) from the top edge of the envelope. This created a soft sky background shade. I then colored the scene using some Prismacolor colored pencils.

When writing the recipient’s mailing address on the envelope, I made sure to pencil it on first to avoid any mistakes. Then I went over the address with a black waterproof pen.

NOTE: Mailing address used with permission. Thanks, Sharon!

To protect the envelope from any moisture, I coated it with a thin layer of Distress Micro Glaze and buffed off any extra using a paper towel. Be sure to not put any glaze over the postage stamps! The postal service needs to be able to cancel the stamps and won’t be able to do so if the glaze is coating the stamps.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous envelope – I love the beautiful blue sky, and those animals are so cute and fun. Getting something like this in the mail would definitely put a smile on my face – even if a fist full of bills came with it!

  2. I always love your Mail Art Videos, I always gets so inspired! Good idea to plan out the stamps! Me? I’d have to do the address and the stamps as well and have to plan the whole kit and caboodle! hahaha! Love all of the old stamps you used, I have a few from my grandmother, mostly 1 cent and 3 cents, but I’ve held onto them and I put them with my order from the Etsy shop order you suggested :) Thanks again for sharing .

  3. This could not be any cuter and I will un-abashedly admit, I want to receive one of these one day. (I would totally frame it! )

  4. Love your mail art! This is one of my favs so far. Adorable, fun, and so creative. Thanks so much for the inspiration and sharing your talent! Xoxos ?❤️

  5. Kristina’s envelope has such eye-appeal. I know the recipient will feel special to not only receive a handmade card, but a decorated envelope as well. I do well to get the card made, filled out and addressed. This is a challenge to stretch and grow – always a good thing.

  6. I am so thrilled with this adorable envelope, Kristina! I will be stalking the mail lady and getting a frame to protect it always. You are so awesome & I love your art!
    Sharon Jones

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