Lawn Fawn STAMPtember® 2023 Exclusive Collaboration! (and keep scrolling for a surprise!)


Created by Kelly-Marie Alvarez
Created by Debby Hughes
Created by Mindy Eggen
Created by Nina-Marie Trapani
Created by Cathy Zielske
Created by Nichol Spohr
Created by Heather Ruwe
Created by Suzy Plantamura
Created by Tammy Stark
Created by Megan Quinn
Created by Marine Simon
Created by Melissa Mann
Created by Audrey Tokach
Created by Elise Constable
Created by Yainea Nunez
Created by Chari Moss
Created by Latisha Yoast
Created by Keisha Charles
Created by Keisha Charles

Lawn Fawn just had a HUGE release full of Autumn and Holiday themed goodies! Go check it out!

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

  1. Love this stamp set .. and thank you so much for the discount on international shipping – that really helps us who don’t live in the US!

  2. What a cute stamp and die set. And so many gorgeous cards with this set. And yeah… Love the ones using in combination with the TaDa die set.

  3. Glad I ordered last night since 9/4 Collab both LF stamp & stamp/die are now sold out. I ordered twice, first did not give me free shipping and second did give me free shipping. I emailed Simon asking to cancel/refund 1st order but if they do not I’ll have an extra stamp/die set. When I find out if I have an extra I’ll post. Will have to charge shipping but I’m sure someone will want.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

    1. Hi Melissa, I’d be interested. Not sure how to connect about it, but I’ll check back here to see your updated post?

  4. Lawn Fawn’s Collab never disappoints. Darling images and great videos and cards. Love the free shipping. That really helps a lot. This years STAMPtember is already a step up from 2022, and that one GREAT. So excited to see all the other collabs. Thank you, Heidi and crew, for all the wonderful freebies available with purchase. My craft room will never be the same.

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