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Hi friends!

If you’re anything like me, you’re no stranger to Pinterest :) We love seeing what you are creating and being inspired by what crafty peeps are putting on Pinterest.

Did you know that we have a crafty board where YOU can load your projects using your favorite Simon Says Stamp products? Just email [email protected] and she will add you as a board pinner!

This time of year, I really enjoy holiday themed projects. We have a Handmade Gifts board HERE. If you are looking for handmade gift ideas for the season, you might like this board HERE.

We’d love to hear from you! Do you visit Pinterest? If you do, we’d love to hear what you’re usually looking for? Is there something you’d like to see Simon doing on Pinterest? Comment below and you could win a Simon Says Stamp goody bag filled with crafty supplies!

Would you like a DieCember™ surprise!!? Use coupon code “waferdie” for a free randomly selected wafer thin die to be added to your order from now until midnight Tuesday, December 29th.

Thanks for joining us today! We love hearing from you and hope you are enjoying your holiday season!

  1. Right now I am looking for an easy and fun gift that I can make to give to kids. There are 6 little kids coming to Christmas Eve and I usually try to bring them something. Love Simon Says. Thanks for the quality products!

  2. I use Pinterest all the time. I love to visit and see all the various ideas people have for each product. It would be great to see a section showing all the different things you can use products for that you wouldn’t normally use them for. Example, take circle dies and show the results of using them for some things we haven’t thought of.

  3. I’m kind of a newbie to Pinterest. I’ve been a member for a while but never really used it. Now I look for card ideas by typing in either the name of the stamp set or the category of card I am wanting to make.

  4. I am in love with all Simon Says! My orders prove it!! I’d like to see as many different ideas as possible using Simon Says products so I can use my supplies in many ways. I’m going to go check it out now….

  5. Pinterest is my procrastination station! I usually peruse it when I don’t want to do other things! I forget that companies have their own boards, I will definitely check out SSS

  6. I love Pintrest and I would love for you to show more card ideas using your new products sling with dome mixed media ideas.

  7. I look pinterest for ideas, inspiration. Look for 3-D cards, kirigami, quilling and cards with mechanism and cards with dies.

  8. Pinterest is my go-to place for inspiration and sometimes I stumble upon something that I would have never thought of…or was originally looking for! I am not a newbie to pinterest but am when it comes to cardmaking. It would be great to see more card examples or videos of how to make cards that are a little more basic and maybe just use one or two techniques. I love seeing videos from kwernerdesigns but sometimes all the techniques involved can get a tad bit overwhelming!
    I would also love to see more cards/videos for “thinking of you” or “get well soon”. I was diagnosed with cancer in October and just had cancer surgery the beginning of December. I found it a bit challenging finding cute stamps…ended up going with a set from Mama Elephant! I used the stamps for fellow warriors going through surgery and one that is doing radiation. They all live far away..but it was nice that it brought them a little bit of joy during a challenging time on our journey :)

  9. I visit Pinterest often, sometimes looking for inspiration for my cards or recipes, but these days I’m looking for easy (and affordable) handamade gifts for Christmas. TFS

  10. I love seeing the new products and techniques on using them. The inspiation on Pintrest is amazing. There are so many talented people in the world and to be able to view their work in one place makes for a crafty day!

  11. I look for interesting ideas using products I own or that are on my wishlist. Pinterest for me is inspiration at my fingertips.

  12. Like so many before me, I use Pinterest to get ideas. However, I get so involved looking at all the great projects that people more talented than I come up with that I run out of time to work on mine!!!! :)

  13. When I’m browsing Pinterest I’m usually looking for card ideas or quilling projects. If I can use the two together then I an in heaven! I also look for ideas using the specific dies ans stamps I already own, trying to think outside the box.

  14. I do love Pinterest, but I tend to use it more for pinning ideas i find on blogs, rather than just searching Pinterest for ideas. I do search it occasionally for recipes though.

  15. I like to pin things I need to do later. For example, holiday decorating, gifts, travel info, challenges. I love Pnterest and have done more crafting because of it. With ideas, I don’t necessarily do the projects exactly but use the inspiration as such!

  16. I explore Pinterest only when I am stuck for an idea. I would love to see more versatile use for your products such as household decorations.

  17. I love Pinterest! I use it to find ideas for your monthly card kit. It seems some kits have a lot more ideas floating around out there than others. I know I can come to your blog to find ideas people share each month. But, since I use Pinterest regularly, as I believe many other cardmakers do, it would be nice if those ideas were shared there, instead of having to go to one more specific site to add/look. Just an idea that may not work for logistics that I have no idea exist. Thanks for listening

  18. Looks like I definitely need to check out your Pinterest boards! I love seasonal stuff and specific things like geared towards tools (i.e. Cricut, Cuttlebug, WRMK, etc.) I spend a lot of time pinning my own stuff, but not as much time as I’d like to surf Pinterest!

  19. I am on Pinterest a lot. I am often looking for samples of cards using the stamps and dies that I have purchased. I often see stuff I like on your blog and go in to Pinterest to see how it is used before I decide to buy it. I keep a board called stuff I want and then refer to it when I’m ready to shop. I also teach a class and use a lot of your product. Some of my girls will order from you. Most of us find your store overwhelming unless we have specific things we are looking for.

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