Happy STAMPtember® Eve!

  1. Love Stamptember, but unfortunately one can not buy several over a periode and have them shipped out to Europe this would help a lot in savings towards shipping,

  2. I’m too excited! Got that paycheck saved! Lol. Does anyone know what time it starts? Maybe I should just take the week..no wait..the MONTH off!😁😂

  3. I love Stamptember and look forward to it every year! However, usually by the time I get up and check out the days stamps, they are sold out. I don’t think I should stay up until midnight to shop, but maybe this year I will…what time are the new stamps posted?

  4. September has always been a favorite month! How did you know? Looking forward to all that you offer!

  5. Yaaaay! But do I have to wait til Friday for the Collab. reveal?? That’s too long to wait! LOL I’m super excited!

  6. OMG, you’re killing me. My wish list is so long. I hope i will get a golden globe. All year around, i saw all your amazing products and i can’t have them.
    Thanks for the dreams moments. I don’t know if i can say it like that but i did, i’m just french.

  7. I will be up at midnight to see the collaborations.
    I like the examples. Maybe you could do a giveaway where one lucky person would get one card from five different designers.
    This release has something for everyone. Seriously.

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