Get Well Wishes + Layered Stamping


Hi bloggers! Happy Tuesday to you! Today we have a special treat for you! A BONUS card & video for the day from the one & only Jennifer McGuire! This beauty shows you just how easily you can use layered stamping sets to make amazing cards just like this one as well as a cool tip from Jennifer on how to fix a common stamping mistake with a stylus! To see the step by step process be sure to watch the video below!




  1. What a treat to have two videos today! And from two faves – Shari and Jennifer!

    Love the pretty colors on this card, and that stamp set looks like such fun!

  2. Such a happy get well card, sure to cheer up the recipient. I love it. And thanks for the stylus tip… I really needed that one: it would have saved many a card!

  3. Hi Jennifer, I just had to get the WPlus9 stamp set as it is amazing! I have never used layered stamps before so have just put them to one side. Your video has inspired me to get them out & have a play. Thankyou.

  4. Wow after seeing this beautiful card, I definitely want that stamp set! Love the colours and everything too.

  5. Absolutely loved this – Thanks Jennifer – would never in my entire life have thought to do this BUT that’s why I watch all of you ladies – great videos today Shari & Jennifer!!!!

  6. Absolut stunning work here again from Jenniffer. AShe´s just always sooo amazing in her cardmaking, and this one sure don´t disappoint either.

  7. Another lovely Jennifer card. I love the way you showcased these building stamps. You are such a fabulous teacher and those tips you gave about stamping the greeting first and your larger elements is just so great. You think of everything!

  8. Love your BEAUTIFUL card Jennifer! You are always so creative with any stamp set! Thank you for sharing :). Have a wonderful day!

  9. I am one of those people who is intimidated by this type of stamp set while, at the same time, am fascinated at how how so many colors were stamped together. As usual, Jennifer makes it look so easy! Love the trick about fixing stamping with the stylus too!

  10. This video is exactly the reason Jennifer is my stamping hero. So much learning in such a short time. Just terrific!

  11. Great card, Love the tip on stamping the sentiment first, I don’t know how many times after I have finished stamping my back ground I didn”t have room for my sentiment.

  12. Once Again, a perfect video from Jennifer! I would not have bought that stamp set just by looking at it, but with this idea…wow, I might have to purchase!!

  13. Love this card! I have been loving Jennifer’s one layer stamping and shadow effect stamping lately. Would love to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  14. I love this video. How you put it all together. I get stamp sets and wonder what am I suppose to do with all of these pieces. You make it look so simple and know where they all belong. Love it.

  15. Jennifer – great video — you make it look so easy. I love the comment on stamping the sentiment first — great point, as I do run out of room sometimes and have to resort to using a different stamp. Also love the tip on using the stylus!

  16. OMG – I thought you stamped each flower individually. That is a clever stamp set. Thanks for sharing.

  17. THANK YOU JENNIFER…I bought this stamp set when it first came out and had no earthly idea WHAT I was going to do with it so thanks for the video and I’ll get busy making my paisleys :) Your care is AMAZING as USUAL!!

  18. Nice Jennifer , love love that ink on those clear mount stamp such a crisp clear colorful image . Your right I need to try some of those layered stamps . Your in ink Anne

  19. I love your card! I love the way you speak- very clearly and intelligently.

    Thank you for helping me become a better stamper!



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