Do YOU know Simon’s BFF?


Hi readers! You may or may not be familiar with Simon’s gal pal, Simone. If you are, don’t fear! Their love is still strong and they’re still together! However, we got to thinking, Simon really needs a “BFF” (Best Friend Forever). We thought it might be fun to involve you (our customers) in finding Simon’s BFF.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 4.15.45 PM

Simon’s BFF could be a cat, bird, turtle, or maybe another dog! If you’d like YOUR pet to be Simon’s BFF, please post your pet’s picture to your Instagram account and use the hashtag #SimonBFF to be considered. This contest will close on July 31st, and the winner will be unveiled on STAMPtember® 1st in an EXCLUSIVE stamp set with Simon! See above for an example, and a fellow BFF competitor! ;)

How cool is that? All are welcome to enter! Now get tagging!!


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Good luck!

  1. I think this is such a cute idea! What a great way to include customers. Unfortunately, I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other social medias. Email is all the extra contact I can handle on top of being a homemaker. Can’t wait to see what sort of critter wins!

    1. Hi Melissa!

      At this time, we will be referring entrants to Instagram. We encourage you to sign up for Instagram and tag your sweet Daisy with #SimonBFF

      Good luck!

  2. What a great challenge – I don’t have a pet BUT so excited to see what pets are pictured and which one will become a new SS stamp!

  3. How do you choose which pet wins? Is there a vote or like system? I don’t have a pet or Instagram but I was curious I bet there are a ton of entries how in the world do you narrow it down to be able to pick?

  4. Oh, I would like to participate. Wish there was a link as I am another one that doesn’t have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Wish we could be included. I have the perfect BFF for Simon.

  5. How fun! I wish I had a pet now ;) Would the rabbits I have as tenants count?
    Good luck to all who enter!

  6. I don’t have a photo but I think Kristina’s “Mannie” should be Simon’s BFF. Just seems to be the right match for your request!

  7. WAY TOOO CUTE!!!! Too bad I don’t do Instagram…. we took in a stray kitty & ended up with 4….. & we took in a stray doggie too….. They’re all BFF! ;) My hubby takes them on walks together ! LOL

  8. OMG …my DOGS would be thrilled! I have three…Skye, Zeva and Molly and all three are rescues. Two Chiweenie’s and one Mini Dachshund. :) LOVE them ALL and I LOVE Simon too!!

    I have photos where to I share them??????????????????????????

  9. Ooh what fun… Off to decide which of my three fur kids would be a good BFF for Simon :)

  10. What fun! Simon definitely needs to show he’s not racist by having a kitty BFF! (Of course Gatchy would be honored! >^.^<)

  11. Cute idea!! I only use email so our Sarah (our adorable tortoise cat) will have to wait and watch with me to see the winner!

  12. Aw how cute. I remember growing up we used to go running around on the back roads and sometimes my parents used to let us ride on the hood of the car through the TNT area of Point Pleasant Wva. We would always stop and move turtles off the roadways so they wouldn’t get hit and occasionally we would bring one home with us for a few days before turning it lose.
    Oh how I miss childhood.

  13. Hello Stefhanie,

    I just saw this call and I have think a lot about it. because I can’t do Instagram. I know that you want promote it. but if you read my message maybe you understand it.
    I hope that you would like to come over my blog to see what I want to tell you. I put below a link to my blog to let you see something.

    I would like to take a chance but if it cannot that is also okay.
    Thank you!
    kind regards, Dora

  14. Hi,
    This is somewhat unrelated, but I was wondering if Simon is a Boston Terrier or some other breed. I couldn’t really find any information on him other than he is the founder’s dog.


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