Did You Know? March 2022

Hello crafters, it’s Nina-Marie Trapani here with you! Today I have a new edition of our popular Did You Know series!

Hello crafters, it’s Nina-Marie Trapani here with you! Today I have a new edition of our popular Did You Know series!

If it’s your first time seeing this feature, each month we bring you fun facts, creative tips, and even crafty hacks about your favorite supplies and brands; you can then use these awesome tips that you learn in your next crafting projects! Are you ready to learn some fun tricks? Keep on reading!

Therm O Web Pixie Tape

Having a low-tack tape on hand is an invaluable tool for die cutting, stenciling, ink blending, and more! Therm O Web’s Pixie Tape is a perfect tape for all of these techniques, as its gentle adhesive won’t tear your paper as you use it. It also has a slick surface that wipes clean of inks and pastes, which allows you to reuse it more than once!

Simon Says Stamp Magnetic Glass Mat

Our Simon Says Stamp Magnetic Glass Mat work surface is perfect for ALL the things! Its white color is perfect for seeing colors clearly and the magnetic feature allows you to use a bar magnet to hold your project in place. The grid makes it so easy to measure and line pieces up–and did you know we even included corner marks for many of the most popular card sizes?

Simon Says Stamp Triangle Trays

Our adorable Simon Says Stamp Triangle Trays are the best way to sort and select your embellishments! The convenient triangular shape of this tray makes putting the sequins back into their original container super easy; no more sequins all over your craft table (or worse, the floor!). Plus, each tray includes our adorable, signature paw print in the center!

Simon Says Stamp Black Glossy Cardstock

Gorgeous and classy, our Simon exclusive Black Glossy Cardstock is the ultimate paper for many different crafting projects! Did you know that it looks AMAZING when used with embossing folders? The depth and shine of the embossed details literally jump off the cardstock!

Simon Says Stamp White Glossy Cardstock

Hot foil is a very popular trend these days in the paper crafting world! We specifically designed our Simon Says Stamp White Glossy Cardstock to work as a superior surface for hot foil techniques. The paper has a beautiful glossy finish that enhances your hot foiling to perfection. The best part is that the paper can also be ink blended over, which allows you to add color to your foiled creations!

I hope these tips have helped you learn a few tricks for your upcoming crafting projects… Thanks for tuning in today and spending some time with me!


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Simon Says Stamp Set of 4 TRIANGLE…
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Simon Says Stamp Cardstock WHITE…
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Simon Says Stamp Cardstock A2 BLACK…
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Therm O Web PIXIE TAPE iCraft…
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