Did You Know? Fun Facts and Crafty Tips! June 2019 Edition

Welcome! It’s Shari Carroll here bring you the June 2019 edition of our Did You Know series. 

If it’s your first time seeing this feature, each month we bring you fun facts, creative tips and even crafty hacks about your favorite supplies and brands; you can then use these awesome tips that you learn in your next crafting projects! Are you ready to learn some fun tricks? Keep on reading!

I’ve chosen a few of my favorite products to share and I seem to have a running theme of shiny goodness!!

Two Piece Word Dies

Word dies are really popular in cardmaking, they are a great addition to beautiful backgrounds. I love the word dies that have a two-piece element because they give me more options. You can use them together where the outer die looks like a shadow which is also easy to mount on your card. You can also use the outer die to cut a recessed area in your card to create a shaker element and place the more intricate word on top. 

Stick-It Adhesive Sheets

Stick-It sheets are a very thin double sided sticky sheet that can be used for various projects. It is especially handy for using with intricate dies to attach them in place. You can also use it sticky side up to add glitters and foils to your die cuts. 

Moxy Glue Stamp Pad

Have you ever wanted to use glitter or foil with your stamp images? The Moxie Glue Stamp pad might just be the answer you’re looking for. This ink pad comes with a refill bottle to replenish the glue on the pad. It’s simple to use, add glue to the pad, tap onto your stamp as you would with ink, stamp onto your cardstock. Finally, add glitter or foil to the stamped image!  Tip: All types of foils can be used with glues and adhesives. 

Foiling Machines with Foiling Plates

Keeping with the Foiling theme, hot foil plates and machines make it possible to create gorgeous cards using your thermal heat foils along with specially designed metal plates. The foiling plates look like dies but the area of the design is solid, there is no cutting blade. The foiling machine base heats the metal plate, then foil and cardstock are placed on top. Finally, you run the base with all the suggested layers through a die cutting machine to set the foil. Any thermal type foil can be used. 

Tip: There are three brands of machines to look into, the first two being Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System and Couture Creations GoPress which can be used with a standard die cutting machine. The Crafters Companion Foilpress machine is to be used with either the Gemini Jr. or Gemini die cutting machines. All foiling plate designs can be used with these machines.

We hope you have enjoyed this month’s installment of Did You Know?! Tune in again next month for a brand new edition of this fun series!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I didn’t know how the foiling machines worked. Also great tip on using the word die with the shadow die for shaker cards.

  2. Thank you for the crafty tips! I can see how I can use each of them when making cards. It is wonderful to have a website that is so informative!

  3. Thank you Shari, I love to read this series each month. Their is always something I didn’t know or didn’t think of.
    Have a great crafty week!

  4. Thanks for these great tips. I just found out about Stick-it sheets to use with felt and excited to learn about the Moxy Glue Stamp as I have so much glitter and now I can use more of it along with foil. Will be on my order list.

  5. I’ve never heard of or seen that glue pad. How do you clean the stamp after using it? I normally just use water on my stamps….sticky sheets sound good, too. One of these days I’m hoping for a Gemini machine…

  6. I really love the Two Piece word dies concept and even have used it a few times. But I would like to share a negative aspect of using the two-piece word dies. As you have only two pieces of words in one die, you can’t use it for all the themes that you are planning to build. Instead, for every different theme, the words you want to add will be different, and the same word dies will be required alongside. However, if you have a good collection of two-piece word dies along with cardstock and scrapbooking paper, it will be fun to use it anywhere you want.

  7. Great tips! I had never thought to use a word die as a shaker before. Also, I’m interested to learn more about the glue pads for glitter and foiling! I’d love to see a tutorial if one of the designers has time! ☺️ (And thank you for the tip that all foils work with adhesives! I wanted to order some foil with my last order but I got confused by the different types and didn’t know what to choose.)

  8. Fantastic tips! I really want to try a foil hot plate, and now that I have a Gemini Junior… :)

  9. I’m loving 2-piece word dies too and am excited to add some new ones to my collection! I just wish there was an easier way to filter for them while shopping the wafer thin dies page. Maybe a future filter enhancement? ;)

  10. Thanks for the tips Shari. It’s always helpful to learn about new ways to make better use of our crafting time and tools.

  11. Thanks for the great tips! I love the idea of making a shaker card using a two layer word die. So clever!!

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