Copic Marker Brand: 25% off!

Hi friends! Use code COPICSALE to take 25% off any Copic Marker branded products. Shop early for the best selection and enjoy!


  1. Wish I could shop!! I hate being responsible and paying bills before I buy the products that I so love! Can I be a kid again and get an allowance that I can spend on whatever I want? Pretty please?!?!?!?!

  2. Oh my lord! I am so ticked off at you people!! What is the point of having a sale if everything included in the sale is SOLD OUT?? Your company seems to have a huge issue with stock… always sold out of things. Isn’t there ANY way you can keep an appropriate level of stock?

    While I’m on this subject: whenever a popular blogger or youtuber mentions a product available here and links it… that particular product ends up sold out within minutes… LITERALLY!

    I KNOW you guys must consult with these bloggers/youtubers and have at least a GENERAL idea of when they are going to introduce a new product, etc. So… WHY, for heaven’s sake, can’t you PREPARE for the onslaught of orders you are sure to receive — By having enough product IN STOCK?!?!?

    The whole situation is completely ridiculous and uncalled for — not to mention — absolutely unacceptable. Please get your act together, SSS.

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