In case you missed it! We were LIVE on Facebook!

  1. Congratulations Olivia.
    I keep my addresses in an “old school” address book that I made. I only use a pencil in this one so when someone moves (or passes away) I can erase the address and update as needed. My old one I used a pen in and it became a mess…

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks so much for all you do. Have a wonderful time this coming weekend – can’t wait to see what you find!!

  3. Olivia Martin…you oh so lucky fish!!
    Missed the live but thanks for posting the viddy! Good luck for 2018 Simon Says Stamp…

  4. Wonderful Valentine’s kit! I loved your video and I love Simon Says Stamp products.
    Actually I have two ways that I keep my contacts in. I have an old school address book that I only write in pencil, so I can easily change and update it. I also have an Apple iPhone 6 that I use for all my contacts too. What I love about it is that you can easily share your contacts by airdropping it, or email, or message. It syncs with all my apple devices (I have an iMac, ipad, iPhone, and so does my husband). I like having both a hard copy and computer address/contact book. It does take a little extra time to do both, but it’s so worth it.
    I have never lost/or had any problems with my contact information (cause it’s in all my devices). Hope you find this helpful.
    Have a great time at Creativation aka CHA.

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