Brand NEW: Tim Holtz Tonic Travel Media Mat!

The Tim Holtz® Travel Media Surface Mat is the perfect heat resistant, easy clean mat for creative mixed media crafters!

Designed to perfectly fit your Tim Holtz® Travel Glass Media Mat, the Travel Media Surface Mat comes with a non-slip base and reinforced stitched & weighted corners to avoid unwanted rolling.

Experience the unmatched quality and innovative design of Tim Holtz® tools, brought to you in collaboration with Tonic Studios engineering expertise.

  • Reinforced stitched corners.
  • Heat resistant top surface.
  • Non-Slip base surface.
  • Heavy-duty non-stick mat.
  • Designed for use with the Tim Holtz® Travel Glass Media Mats (2632e, 2633e)

Tim Holtz® creativity paired with Tonic Studios engineering know-how! Tim Holtz® tools offer unrivaled quality and ingenious innovation.

This quick tip video tells you more about the mat! Please note, this video was filmed with the FULL size mat, but the qualities of the travel mat are the same, just in a smaller size!


Shipping NOW!

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